Bad Jokes That We All Love

How do you make a tissue dance?
-you put a little boogie in it!
Why'd the Cowboy buy a dauchsten (weiner dog)?
-Someone told him, "get along little doggy".
A man walked into a bar, the other two ducked.
A termite walks into a bar and asks where's the bartender.
Why'd the zombie [panda] cross the road?



Pictures Make Dreams Come True

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A photographer dad brought his kids' imaginations to life in these brilliant pictures. Check out the whole set here.


on a lighter note

...i just realized i'm wearing pants with a GIANT hole in the butt....

...sometimes i hate my life


Strike Vs Strike

Currently there are two different major strikes going on affecting the entertainment industry. On one hand we have the Writer's Strike in Hollywood; bringing all the television shows we love to watch to an early season finale. This strike has already shut down production on shows like The Daily Show, Colbert Report, and the Late Night talk shows (Leno, Conan, Letterman etc).

On the other hand we have the Local 1 stage hand union in NYC striking. This means all but 8 major productions have been completely shut down (Wicked, Hair Spray, Spring Awakening etc).

The Writer's are striking because they want a slight increase on their payment for residuals (looking to move up to 2/3's of a penny), as well as payment for "new media". The networks are arguing that they need 3 years to investigate into this "New Media" because apparently the Internet is too new for them to understand... yeah, you don't buy that either huh?

The Stagehands are arguing against the league of producers and directors who are trying to enstate new rules regarding the use of stagehands during "production cells" and load-ins. Basically it used to be the case that you set a number (let's say 15 carpenters, 15 electricians and 5 body-men) for a load in; and they have to stay there for the entirety of load-in. Now for anyone who's participated in a load-in you know there are times when that many bodies... jsut can't work; if the carpenters and body-men are loading in a large set, the electricians can't hang lights, focus etc. Basically the producers want to be able to send the different people home earlier, and not have to pay them for the entire day; only for the time they're working. Production cells are the 3 to 4 hour blocks in which they put on a production; however, it doesn't count any side projects like touch-ups on the set that need to be done. For that, they have to get paid an extra hour, even if they do it within that 3 to 4 hour block; they have to get paid another hour, and if it takes more than an hour, the producers are forced to pay a 3 hour shift.

What I'm getting at is how ridiculous this second strike is in comparison to the first. Yes i understand that these new rules, may cause a slight decrease in the amount of work for stage hands (not really, they just won't get paid for the work they're NOT doing). It sucks, yes, but still; they get paid well.

The writers however have been portrayed as money hungry individuals who just want more money... the media has twisted it so much it's kind of funny. I completely support the writer's strike despite how much it's gonna suck not having new episodes of the Office, or completely losing a season of 24, and possibly LOST. However, the stagehands need to suck it up, and give into the producers, it only seems fair in my mind- you get paid for the amount you work.

MM out


Pope Avoids Boston,8599,1683291,00.html

So, to summarize this article, the Pope is coming to America for the first time since 9/11/01. He'll be visiting Washington DC and NYC where he can appeal to the masses and discuss foriegn policy, and the special condition and responsibility of the the US as a Super Power; also He'll be giving open aired masses at the baseball stadiums... neato.

So whats the problem? Well clearly someone is being offended by this. SNAP (survivors network of those abused by priest) is saying that the Pope is intentionally avoiding Boston; the center of Catholicism in America because 9/11/01 was also when the sex scandal was hitting the news.

What exactly is SNAP looking for? The church has apologized, yes they've messed up; and you've thrown your little tempertantrums, and I by no mean am belittling the abuse that some went through; but what else can be done? Clearly there has to be some sort of understanding that your abuse isn't going to disappear because the Pope came to Boston, or because you protested when the Pope came to Boston. It just seems like backwards thinking; SNAP's representative mentioned that the Pope is avoiding Boston, because he's afraid of protests... well; were you going to protest... oh.. oh you were? oh ok... so... he's just avoiding looking at your signs? alright then.

The representative just seems to bable- he's afraid of protests, and he's avoiding the crisis, and he's showing support to NY... and... and... AND HE LIKES THE YANKEES!!!

Poor Pope.

MM Out