Hero to Zero

To start... yes I made a reverse Hercules reference in the title of this post... ya wanna fight about it?!

Ok, Heroes... a wonderful show with a kick ass first season known for twists, cliff hangers, and plot lines/ characters who didn't annoy the be-jesus out of us all. Now we're stuck in season 2... or as I like to call it, "land of unneccessary characters/relationships". First we had Maya and Alexandro- terrible characters, with a questionable power, who pushed the reading subtitles.. i know what you're thinking- but mark... hiro and ando and that entire back story in ancient japan... so much reading! You're right, that was a fair amount of reading... but it was to keep up with a character we liked in a sub-plot that wasn't all that bad (sans annoying relationship with swordmaker's daughter). Reading for Maya and Alexandro is more like a battle... do i really care what they're saying? Probably not.... it's most likely something like, we did something terrible... the devil is in us... we need to see this doctor... then bickering about whether or not to trust Sylar.

Sylar... ultimate bad-ass bad guy from season 1 has been turned into a whiny emo bitch. Quite disappointing. He wasn't all that bad to begin with, when we first saw him still alive, even when he was traveling with the two ?twins? (are they twins?) he had that nice speach to alexandro about how he's going to kill him and stuff. AND FINALLY WE GET SOME BAD ASS ACTION FROM SYLAR... granted not in good ole finger blade to the head way, but knife to the chest isn't all that bad. Not to mention the benefit of getting rid of one of the annoying characters. But no sooner do we finish this awesome scene... than do we get into what is wrecking heroes... maya making her move on sylar... personally i can't wait til next week when (my prediction) sylar gets his powers back, and cuts maya's head open and steals her power.

I don't know I guess I just have the vision of Sylar flipping the FBI transport with Ted (nuclear guy) inside with a flick of a finger... and now he's just plain annoying me (here's to hoping they turn this around with the finale).

Also, while we're on the topic of annoying new additions to the cast... Micah's cousin who's name I haven't even bothered to learn. In a show where we've been expected to understand a fair amount without being told it out right- (ex: when hiro first travelled through time, it wasn't like he looked at the clock and was like ... my goodness, i'm travelling through time or when the Bell first showed up and shocked the side of the container she didn't say, "clearly I have interacted with Peter Petrelli and he absorbed my power") WHY for the love of everything holy did Micah have to look at her when she put on the hood and be like, "...you're st. joan!"

and don't even get me started on the ending of hiro chargin peter... we've got the Godsend thing burned into our head so much, the close up of it on the sword running towards peter i thought was unneccessary. but all in all, I want that fight to be good.

Here's what they need to do. SURPRISE US. You want something good... how about actually killin off a main character. My prediction however- they'll kill of Maya and either West or Micah's cousin. If they do go the main character route it'll be Parkman, because we haven't seen him in like 3 episodes anyway (and I'm pretty sure he got cast in a new JJ Abrams project).

In my opinion... have peter kill hiro, or vice-versa. If that's the case stick with your conviction... don't bring them back (or as Kyp and I would call it... Charlie them) Obviously this would be more difficult if it's peter who got killed. (although there has been a lot of, 'she was about to take your head off... there's no coming back from that') it's kind of a... oh... ok so that's how adam is gonna die.

Move away from romance! Seriously! Please! No more romances! I forbid it... they're not adding anything to the show. in the words of John Stewart, "you're hurting America". So yeah he was talking to the guys on crossfire, and not Tim Kring, but regardless... please!

Alright... I've been long winded enough.

Final thought:

watch dexter.
mm out


Swimming Goat-Duck

[via CuteOverload]

CuteOverload is the greatest achievement of Mankind.


Deep Thought

I know it's impossible... but wouldn't it be crazy if you could make a "rain-man"

not like... dustin hoffman walking around reciting baseball facts but like a snow-man... but with rain.


Mark's Movie Review: The Invisible

So yeah, I didn't go out and actually see a movie, I just watched my netflix... a great service by a wonderful easy to use website... (can i have money for saying that?)

Alright, over all, I guess I enjoyed this movie? No, no actually I didn't. Justin Chatwin wasn't bad as the protaganist... but it just was a circular plot that resembled in my mind a toilet bowl... it just got worse and worse. We get it... you're almost dead... we get it, she can hear you... we get it, you're pissed. If you want to sit through a painful movie featuring some little dark poetry writing emo-kid smoking cloves... go rent Spider-Man 3. Only upside to this movie was a scene where Justin's character is trying to confirm his suspicion that he's kind of like a living ghost by taking a shotgun off the wall... walking out of the frame then we hear a gun shot... and "shit". Laughed a fair amount at that... otherwise the plot just didn't grab me, that characters all seemed to have this deep backstories that never really got looked into beyond, "her father was a cop". It just was bad. Probably would be alright to watch in a group of friends and mock the hell out of it.

mm out


Kyp's Movie Review: August Rush

I should not have enjoyed this movie. But I did. Why? The power of music. Freddie Highmore did a great American accent... I think. He didn't talk a lot. Keri Russell, who I love, is good, but just good. Jonathan Rhys Meyers I'll give extra props to because he did his own singing, which is cool. Robin Williams I'd say was the best part, just because it was something different for him. The movie was boring, a bit long and too grounded in reality to justify the wild coincidences that I would, normally, be totally willing to believe. But the music is awesome. Can I recommend this movie? Not really. Buy the soundtrack instead.