The Original Blue Tooth

So I was driving to work this morning.... Like I do and saw two...TWO different people using their cell phones on speakerphone. Now... I know what you're thinking Mark, how did you know they were using speakerphone. Well; it was either speakerphone or there was a little tiny person standing on top of their phone and they were talking to them. Now, I know people use blue-tooth headsets etc (I still have my original hands free device) [just to be clear that's not my actual version of said device]. I even understand people using speakerphone. Sometimes I throw my phone on speaker and drop it into my lap so i can have both hands free (for adjusting my hair in the mirror and changing the song on the radio....i'm kidding) BUT, holding your phone up to your mouth while on speakerphone defeats the purpose! It wasn't like a nextel phone with the bloop BLOOP HEYBUDDYWHATSHAPPENINGIMOONMYWALKIETALKIEPHONE BLOOP bloop either, the phones they had were ?verizon? phones. standard looking flip phones being held up for a while. If you're going to hold your phone up.... why not just hold it to your ear!? I don't think it's anymore distracting than having it on speaker phone a foot in front of your face!

people are stupid
mm out


Mark reviews Rescue Dawn

This movie was amazing. Christian Bale goes above and beyond yet again. It's no secret he's by far one of my favorite actors, but I mean look at how he dives into movies with a level of devotion to character that surpasses EVERYTHING.

Still one of my favorite stories is how Christian didn't want people to be think that he was some brit coming in to play the American classic super-hero batman, so for all interviews he remained in his American accent. Now, this is just to set the stage of a man who never seems to lose hope after crashing his plane in Laos and becoming a POW. Based upon the true story of Lt. Dieter Dengler, a German American citizen pilot in the US Navy who's plane goes down and who is held captive in a Laotian camp for several months, and who devised one of the greatest escapes ever. Steve Zahn steps up huge as well. For some reason I can never get the image of him as the guitarist from the One-ders, so seeing him in a role like this was outstanding. Werner Herzog brings an amazing cast together with an outstanding story to create something truly inspiring. We see Dieter's fascination for the little things while captured, and his struggle (along with the other prisoners) for survival. You can literally see the effects it has on the prisoners' minds and bodies, yet Dieter never seems to lose his spirit.
I never want to get lost in the Laotian jungle.
mm out


F*** you... that's my name

quite possibly one of the best Alec Baldwin speeches


Curt Schilling plays WoW

Do video games breed violence and hate? Or World Series Champions? Answer: apparently both. According to an interview with video game site Allakhazam, Curt Schilling is a "hopelessly hooked World of Warcraft player." Think about that next time you make fun of someone for playing a little WoW. Hate begets hate. And Schilling begets World Series rings. How cool is that?!


Things to remember

So you went out and dropped the $200 for RockBand... that's awesome... or you went out and bought Guitar Hero III, that just makes you even awesomer...

just remember these things:

1. No matter how good you get at Rock Band, you will never play the Coachella festival.

2. Nobody ever won his soul back from the real devil playing the ax that came with Guitar Hero III.

3. Playing a Guitar Hero or Rock Band guitar is a fairly effective form of birth control. Seriously, look at yourself in the mirror. No one who sees you playing this thing will want to have sex with you.

4. The plastic Guitar Hero guitar is pretty much useless around the campfire. (Even as kindling.)

5. If you get "Mississippi Queen" stuck in your head for more than two hours, consult a physician immediately.