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Why Kyp and I are going to hell

It's not secret how bored Kyp and I get at work... So occasionally we come up with games or lists... or ideas for the future. Here are three examples:

Drink everytime
-an elipsis is used
-someone is threatened
-the word Boob is used
-i make fun of kyp playing world of warcraft
-someone's sexuality is questioned
-a link appears
-someone mentions how bored they are

Ok, this one requires a quick explanation. We've all been on the phone and had to spell something out- M as in mark, a as in apple... Well Kyp and I decided to make our own list:

RULE: No using IMDb
RULE: A movie may be replaced with another if said movie is of better quality (must be agreed upon)

A as in Adaptation
B as in Brick
C as in Casablanca
D as in Desperado
E as in Equilibrium
F as in Finding Nemo
G as in Godfather, The
H as in High Fidelity
I as in I <3 Huccabees
J as in Jerry Maguire
K as in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
L as in Léon
M as in Magnolia

N as in Night of the Living Dead
O as in Ocean's 11
P as in Princess Bride, The
Q as in Quills
R as in Rope
S as in Serenity
T as in Ten Things I Hate About You
U as in Uncle Buck
V as in Vertigo
W as in Who Framed Rodger Rabbit
X as in Xanadu
Y as in Young Frankenstein
Z as in Zodiac

And Now, Our Latest Plan


For no real reason we decided this would be a fun competition:
Both of us get drunk
Go to church
During a funeral
1st to Laugh loses.
Winner gets bragging rights


Laughing Jesii

Friend-of-the-Blog Jill, has drawn a nice picture of a laughing Jesus for Mark to put over his couch, so when he makes awful jokes he can claim that "Jesus though it was funny."

And here's one from Jill's co-worker Mike D. His website of fun MS Paint Drawings can be visited at


Talking Cats


Heroes falls short

Alright... I know this is kind of silly espcially since I've talked to Kyp about my feelings on last night's episode of Heroes and let's be honest... we're the only two people who read this. whatever.

Ok, Heroes:
My initialy thoughts- kill.... west..... please!!! he's an annoying character to begin with, the addition of a love interest was unnecessary. He's added very little to the show... lest we forget; we've seen the flying bit. The only reason that the regeneration thing still worked with Adam/Kensei is that while Claire is harmless and sweet...ish; Adam is deceitful and evil... and played by David Anders who just strikes me as bad ass.
Some positives: Anytime a director can get Kristen Bell soaked with water... they did a good job in my book. Her entire character actually is pretty awesome. At first I was getting annoyed with her blind following, and then i realized it's perfect. Almost like brain washed which we've seen the company do before... also the touch at the end where there's almost a look of doubt for the first time after hearing about what her father did to cause her to gain this electric ability (did i misinterpret that? or was that the implication?)
Another positive... West... grew less annoying! I mean... when he was with Claire and all, "wah... you hurt me, look at my doughy brown eyes... i'm hurt" he was as annoying as hitler... (ok, maybe that was an exaggeration). But then when it was just him and Noah... he wasn't that bad! He kind of shed that love interest skin and just became one of the heroes... still... get your own power. And has it crossed anyone's mind that he flies... and nathan (claire's biological father) flies? They're totally half-brother and sister.
A little strange part however was the car chat. I don't think it was a bad idea... just poorly executed. I don't think they'd be chatting about that stuff at a time like that... i mean, how about when they were driving to trade, or even just play it off as, "um... trying to focus on something more important..." but it's growing on me the more i think about it... kind of shows Noah's knack for calming and working with powered-people.

Um.. great thing that happened= disappearance of the wonder twins and the new orleans defender or whatever her name was. Pointless characters. nuff said.

Somethings that I thought could've been done better...

I say better, because over all i thought last night's episode was very good! I guess I'm just living for when it gets back to the quality of last season with cliff hangers and big twists (nathan being claire's dad).

(sorry we interupt this rant for a mini-rant.... it's snowing... damnit)

Ok, 1) i thought it was great that they had dr. suresh shoot noah in the face. Kind of showed the effect the company is having on him... also kind of showed how noah was starting to slip into crazyland. Now... here's how it would've played out last season- Noah is left bleeding on the ground... West flies Claire off. Then at the beginning of next episode we have suresh's voice over about genetics and what not, and we see basically all we saw after that point. Claire crying in bed. Mrs. Horn-rimmed glasses with the dog. the van where K. Bell is all hot and broody. Then we could cut to Noah on the table... and have him come to life. Also this possible twist was ruined by the episode in which we saw Adam's blood clear up Nathan's burntness. But still.. over all- not bad... a little predictable, but happy about it...Noah's a great character and to lose him for good would've sucked.

Now, the other missed opportunity-
When Hiro freezes his father's murder... EVERYONE knew it was gonna be adam... thus... to keep us guessing YOU MAKE IT SOMEONE ELSE... I kind of get that it had to be him; because Hiro needed to be all... "wwwwwwwwuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhttttttttttttttt!!??" So again, not mad, just frustrated. I thought that would've been a better time to reveal Adam, instead of with Peter in Montreal. Basically if they had air'd this episode before the 4 months ago episode... i think it would've had more of that good ol' season 1 shock value.

but again... drastic improvement since previous weeks... these past 2 episodes have kind of been to heroes what the last season finale of Lost was to....EVERY SHOW EVER.

I bred raptors.
mm out