Look at T-Shirt Michael!

Wax Idiotical Films now has a t-shirt.

...well, almost has.  See, we need to meet our goal in order for them to actually get printed.  It's like a kickstarter, but with a shirt.  It's a kickshirt...a shirtstarter... those are both horrible names.  It's a teespring!  Please help us make our goal, and support Wax Idiotical by picking up a shirt!!


"Time is the New Travel"

We're very proud of our latest 48 Hour Film Project.  We set out to make something that had our normal brand of comedy, but also said something and would have meaning.  The film was well received last night at the screening and we received our first ever direct question regarding lighting (which sadly, Kyp and Mark were not prepared to answer).

Everytime we make one of these, we're always so thankful not only for the tremendous cast and crew we have (who are patient and understanding when we immediately get 2 hours behind schedule); but also for the out pour of support we get from people via our facebook page as well as at the screening.  So thank you for watching our movies, and we look forward to making more in the future.


Time is the New Travel from The2ndAct on Vimeo.


"Time is the New Travel" Trailer

Our film for the Providence 48 Hour Film Project screening tonight at 7pm at Cinema World in Lincoln, RI.


Out of... TIME - The Providence 48 HFP

As we waited for the clock to strike 7, standing in a crowded space with 61 other film making teams the jitters started.  It happens everytime.  That sudden fear of, "what did we get ourselves into", or "can we really do this again?"

Kyp lined up to pull  the genre.  It wasn't so much hearing the genre we wanted (Dark Comedy) being pulled by a team ahead of us, so much as NOT hearing the genres that scared us being pulled.  "It's totally gonna be musical again... we're gonna get musical again" Mark thought as Kyp grew closer to the hat, reached in, and "Time Travel"


The best part of this was the fact that it was new for us.  This being our 23rd 48HFP we've hit a lot of the genres, but Time Travel is not one we've dealt with before.  We drove back to Newton to start the brain storming and writing process.  Within 45 minutes, the entire team was on Skype and talking, and we had the kernal that would grow into our movie.  Time Travel Agency.  No, wait, not Time-Travel Agency... Time Travel-Agency.

This weekend was filled with a lot (and I mean a LOT) of hard work, and amazing team members who had the pateince of a sniper to spend the day hanging out while we set up lights, re worked lights, figured out camera angles, and filmed right up til almost midnight.  As always, we owe so much to the people of our team that never hesitate to volunteer and do so with a smile on their face.  We welcomed new members (Aaron Campagna, Anja Ward, and Nicole Ledoux) and welcomed back Jill Rodgers who we hadn't worked with in a few years!  Not to mention our brilliant crew (Kevin Bowers, Ben Bagley, Brian Foulkes, Adamo Maisano, Rachel Jackson and Megan Donegan).  We really couldn't do what we do with out all of them.

This movie accomplished something that we always strive for in both being funny, as well as having a central theme that is relatable and a strong message.  The movie will be screening as part of Group A on Tuesday at 7pm at Cinema World in Lincoln, RI.  We hope to see you there!


The High, the Truck, and the Hard.

The week before a 48 hour film project is euphoric.  That feeling of anything is possible.  "We’re going to make an awesome movie I can just feel it.  It’s going to be funny and insightful and have the best acting ever, it’s going to look amazing and it’s going to cure cancer and it’s going to give everyone who watched it $1,000.00 cash.”  Oh sweet summer child.  We draw a genre and a truck comes out of nowhere.  Now what?  Blank slate syndrome kicks in.  “Oh God… we have to make a movie.  What should we do?  How do I be funny?  Is bringing up the economy douchey or insightful?  Why does all of our acting suck?!  This scene looks like it was shot with a Canon Toilet Mark III.  This movie doesn’t know anything about Oncology and can’t afford to pay people to watch it!”  Then we’re done.  And we watch it.  And it’s not bad.  What I’ve learned from the last 6 years of doing 48’s is that you can never see what you have until it’s over.  And you have to be ok with making an ok movie.  It’s hard to make a movie.  And you know what?  The hard is what makes it great.