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The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

So Wax Idiotical got called out by Mike Scafiti from Peanut Productions, and Mark was kind enough to step up to the challenge.  However, we were always told, if something's worth doing, it's worth doing right.  So Mark created the video above.  We recognize there are a lot of skeptics out there, and that's fine.  But if we all spent a little less time criticizing and assigning motives to people's actions, and a little more time donating time and money, maybe it'd make more a difference.  You don't want to dump water over yourself?  Cool.  But maybe don't knock something that has led to a 1,200% increase in donations (as of Thursday August 7th)



Every 48 Hour Film Project comes with challenges.  The whole concept in and of itself is a challenge.  Complete a 4-7 minute film in a 48 hour time period.  That's hard.  That's writing an original story, filming it, editing it, putting music in there, fixing those glaring errors that you curse yourself for not seeing originally.

Then there's the pressure.  Don't, get me wrong, we do this for fun more than anything.  But that doesn't mean we don't put high expectations on ourselves for the project.  Piling on top of that as well is the project being held in a city 2.5 hours away.  Thankfully, we had the wonderful Ben and Lauren to go to the kick off for us, and then the drop off after we digitally sent the movie to them.

While trying to think of a way to describe our Silent Film, "Headphones" without giving anything away I started to think about what the story is about rather than who.  In the end, "Headphones" is a story about the lengths we go to stay in our comfort zones, and that sometimes it's not shutting people out, but shutting ourselves in.

"Headphones" will be screening at the Nickelodean Cinemas in Portland, ME on Thursday as part of the 9:30pm screening.