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The High, the Truck, and the Hard.

The week before a 48 hour film project is euphoric.  That feeling of anything is possible.  "We’re going to make an awesome movie I can just feel it.  It’s going to be funny and insightful and have the best acting ever, it’s going to look amazing and it’s going to cure cancer and it’s going to give everyone who watched it $1,000.00 cash.”  Oh sweet summer child.  We draw a genre and a truck comes out of nowhere.  Now what?  Blank slate syndrome kicks in.  “Oh God… we have to make a movie.  What should we do?  How do I be funny?  Is bringing up the economy douchey or insightful?  Why does all of our acting suck?!  This scene looks like it was shot with a Canon Toilet Mark III.  This movie doesn’t know anything about Oncology and can’t afford to pay people to watch it!”  Then we’re done.  And we watch it.  And it’s not bad.  What I’ve learned from the last 6 years of doing 48’s is that you can never see what you have until it’s over.  And you have to be ok with making an ok movie.  It’s hard to make a movie.  And you know what?  The hard is what makes it great.

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