1mm - New Pope

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1 Minute Movies

Check out Wax Idiotical's 1 Minute Movies!  I'll update with new ones here on the front page but you can check out the back catalogue here!  Mark and myself (Kyp) write these over email and then shoot them in about 30 minutes over my lunch break at work.  It's just a fun way to create something small that hopefully gets a chuckle or two out of you.


Genre: Romance

Character:  Dear Albert or Dear Alice, Advice Columnist

Prop: an auto part

Line:  "We need to get going." 


Quitting wins awards!

We won 3 awards at the Best of Boston Wednesday.  Runner up for Best Use of Line of Dialogue, Best Staging, and Best Editing.  I'm very proud of the best staging award as that's not a standard award.  The judges felt nessisary to create the award to acknowledge us for filming the whole movie in an elevator.  And probably for the cool vertical bed scene =)


iLoveU - New Hampshire

We're 2/3 of the way through the season now =)  We're very sad that we couldn't make the New Hampshire screening.  We can only hope that we make it to the best of so we can see it in front of an audience =)